My family loves Mexican food. Although, not any old Mexican food will do, our palates have matured past drive thru fare, but we don’t need the fancy green onion garnishes served at a sit down restaurant either, we are all about the sweet spot of Mexican food. After fruitless searches involving wet burritos that are simply soggy and dry steak taquitos that scar the roof of your mouth without much flavor, we stumbled upon a Simi Valley Mexican food sweet spot: Campos on Tapo Street.

Campos Mexican food is one of those restaurants that locals know about and most likely wouldn’t recommend to you in fear of spoiling it’s small town charm, or as in an effort to not add to the already lengthy lines that form at the ordering counter. Campos shares a parking lot with a similar style Mexican eatery, which wouldn’t seem like a prime location for any restaurant, but my impression of Campos is that it has nothing to worry about. Its small and clean dinning room is always full with its loyal customer base, regardless of what’s going on across the parking lot.

Campos’ menu, painted on the wall above the stand-and-order counter, isn’t vast, but it offers all the favorites: tacos, enchiladas, burritos, taquitos, and quesadillas starting under $2.00 and maxing out at $5.10. Chips and freshly made salsa accompanies many of the menu choices, but for the extra $1.00 I recommend ordering a bag of chips (seriously, you can never have too much chips and salsa when your going for Mexican fiesta). One of our family favorites is the Campos Special Burrito, tender beef, refried beans, avocado, lettuce and cheese for $3.65, and the taste is worth every penny. My five year old, who is a self-proclaimed vegetarian, chows down the chicken taquitos (don’t tell him chicken is not considered vegetarian, please), and for $4.10 he is full and happy.

Here’s the low down on Campos, first, it only takes cash, so stop at the ATM on the way, and secondly, expect a line, it gets pretty crowded around lunch time. Also, no cervezas and no margaritas here, but if you like perpetually moving horchata (or a soda) your in luck. Lastly, Campos is Mexican food plain and simple, they are not wood firing anything and your not going to find any special ingredients like goat cheese or quinoa, but you get what you ordered and your wallet will still has money in it when you leave.

With the risk of ruining my small family of three’s favorite Saturday afternoon take-out lunch, I have to be honest and say I recommend Campos for when you are craving great affordable Mexican food (when aren’t you, really?). If you are in Simi Valley, in need of a chips and salsa fix with a beef tamale on the side, drop in at Campos, they’re open seven days a week starting with breakfast at 7:30 am.


2149 Tapo Street

Simi Valley, CA 93063

Mon. – Fri. 7:30 am – 9 pm

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