Harmony House Yoga is an amazing place filled with GENUINELY FANTASTIC gurus and yogis! (doers/teachers, just doers) Honestly, you can feel the higher vibrations even before you walk-in! Harmony House Yoga is located in Pismo Beach, California right off the Wadsworth exit on Price Street.

I had heard about the studio from my boss-at-the-time, back in July, but didn’t decide to check it out until about a month ago for various reasons. Mostly because I was low on money and do my own personal practice at home for free. So I didn’t really see a need, despite my boss’ rave reviews. However, after being absent from any yoga studio for almost 6 months, I could feel I was missing an important aspect of my practice — mainly the group setting and a higher level guru. Feeling this void, I finally decided to heed my now ex-boss’ advice.

As I walked up to the yoga studio I was drawn in even faster by all the plants, the next door vegan cafe with a communal eating area outside and a large amount of fellow yogis walking in. After paying my $5.00 (Sunday morning’s only) admission fee to the sweet clerk up front, I changed clothes and entered the studio.

As I looked for mat space I was greeted by Kelly, the owner and guru. There really aren’t words I can use to accurately describe her, but once you meet her you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!!! But just to give you some sort of idea and not leave ya’ll hanging, SHE IS AWESOME!! So warm, so gentle, so..FULL-OF-LIFE!! That particular yoga session was one of my favorite yoga experiences ever!

However, it is not just Kelly! It is everyone there and it is the whole vibe! Her fellow gurus — Meg and Summer — are just as passionate about yoga as Kelly is and seem to balance the spiritual and physical sides to yoga BEAUTIFULLY! One of the warmest, friendliest places in the 805! They have so much variety in their classes, really something for everyone, including: prenatal, kids classes, beginner classes, restorative classes, Hatha, Vinyasa, Prana, Ashtanga & many more!

YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A “YOGI” TO GO!!! They really are compassionate to all levels  at Harmony House. If you’re worried about getting made fun of, looking stupid or you’ve never done yoga before, DO NOT B ALARMED!!!! IT REALLY IS A ONE LOVE ENVIRONMENT! SERIOUSLY!!  I can not say enough good things about this place! They will bridge the gaps(which I thought was remarkable since the class was full on Sunday) they will make you feel welcome, they will…question is, will you?

Harmony House Yoga
991 Price St
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
(805) 773-0380