Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

Down on the Embarcadero in Morro Bay, following a row of gift shops and art galleries, you will find the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum.  For Jack Smith, founder and curator of the museum, his passion for the culture of skateboarding has culminated in a vast collection of skateboards from its beginnings in the 1930s to the longboards of today.  The skateboards on display are from Jack’s personal collection, as well as from friends and fans of the museum who have donated or loaned their pieces of skateboarding history.

If the name Jack Smith sounds familiar, you might remember him by his 1978 speed run in his Vetter Streamliner skate car on infamous Hill Street in Signal Hill, California.  Clocked at a top speed of 59.27 mph, Jack took second place, and was the overall World Skate Car Champion for that year.   This speed run and Jack are featured in the documentary “Signal Hill Speed Run” which follows the history of downhill skateboard racing.   You can also check out his Vetter Streamliner skate car which is one of the displays at the museum.

“I have had visitors from France and Poland travel out to Morro Bay to see us”, says Jack, “…not to see The Rock (Morro Bay Rock) but to see the museum!”.  He adds, “Visitors come in and leave happy, and sometimes even leave teary-eyed because of the good memories that skateboarding brought to them.”

Jack is currently on a fundraising campaign to keep the museum open daily during the 2014 winter season.  If you make a donation of $20 or more, you will be entered in a drawing for a three night stay for four people at the Scorpion Bay Surfing and Fishing Club in San Juanico, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Check out his indiegogo page for more information and other perks you can receive by making a donation.

Check out the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum’s Facebook for more info, hours and location, and also their website, where Jack gives you a 60 second video tour of the museum.