My husband is the sandwich connoisseur in our little family of three, but I have also been known to love a sandwich or two in my time, so we decided it was time to find a great sandwich shop in our new neighborhood of Simi Valley.


As most of us do when looking for somewhere to fulfill a foodie desire, we turned to Yelp to help us narrow down our choices of local sandwich shops, and all the sparkling reviews led us to Old School Sandwiches and Salad, located on the West side of Simi Valley.


Old School Sandwiches and Salads is located in a low-profile strip mall on Madera Road, nestled between a 7-11 and Quiznos Subs, which makes Old School Sandwiches a breath of fresh air among its mega-franchise neighbors. The marquee above the door of Old School is different, less corporate, and it is a good indicator of what the hungry patron is to expect after they pass through the glass door.


Once inside Old School I was in impressed by the purposefully different styling, the tile floor looks like re-purposed wood, there are signs on the walls made from old fence post and rusty metal, and they even white washed the chairs, giving an air of shabby country cool.  We faced the chalkboard style handwritten menu, posted on the wall next to the order counter, to read all of our favorite sandwich choices represented on the menu, but with Old School’s own take on their names: City Folks Salad, Farm Fresh Turkey Sandwich, The Knuckle Sandwich Pulled Pork, and Mema’s Chili.


I opted for one of my all time sandwich devotions, a French dip, cleverly called The Big Dipper priced at $7.75, the Hubs dived in with the Papa Marty’s cold cuts sandwich for $7.95, and my little Sonny Boy grudgingly agreed to allow me to buy him a Lil’ School Lunch Box for $4.95, that included a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, apple slices, and animal crackers.


The French dip was great, thin tender slices of beef piled on an artisan roll with horseradish spread, of course served with classically tasteful au jus.  The Hubs sandwich had generous cold cuts, Italian dressing, and the Hubs favorite relish of chopped red onions, and pickles. As to be expected, the Sonny Boy put up the finicky fight that makes up most of the meals in our family, he devoured the apple slices that accompanied his sandwich, but only picked apart small bites of the whole grain bread, copious stack of turkey, and slices of cheddar cheese that made up his sandwich (note: it is not Old Schools fault that my child refused to eat their nicely prepared sandwich, he was born with this persnickety charm).


Unfortunately, for the somewhat lofty prices at Old School Sandwiches and Salads, every accouterments that you may desire is at a separate price; chips $1.50, coleslaw $1.25, or a pasta salad for $2.50. So, while the food at Old School Sandwiches and Salads was excellent, come prepared to spend more than just a pretty penny for lunch, the tab for our little family of three was $26.  If you are in the mood for a sandwich that will satisfy your cold cut cravings and don’t mind spending a little more to obtain that satisfaction, do stop in at Old School Sandwiches and Salads, it will hit the spot.


Old School Sandwiches and Salads

1464 Madera Road, Ste. E

Simi Valley, CA 93065

(805) 842-1447