Pale Kai Outrigger Club

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride the ocean in a Hawaiian-style outrigger canoe?  This might be your chance!

The 2014 training season for novice paddlers is underway in Morro Bay for the Pale Kai Outrigger Club.  A member of the Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA), Pale Kai races competitively in meets as far south as San Diego and northward to Santa Barbara.  Though the first training session began today, it’s not too late to come out and sign up.  “We take new paddlers all the way through March,” explains Kristen Sanchez, “but we prefer they start early so they are conditioned and have a good base in technique before mixing it up with the veteran paddlers!”

Kristen is not only a veteran paddler, she is also the member coordinator for Pale Kai and in 2013, her women’s novice team took first place at the State Iron Championship.  “We are expecting to expand our membership this year and add more sponsors.”, she adds.  It sounds like 2014 will be an even bigger year for Pale Kai!

Check out Pale Kai Outrigger Club to find out more information and you can find their Facebook page here. You can contact Kristen by email at, if you have any questions.

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