Where on the Central Coast can you listen to live music in a rustic, funky, family friendly atmosphere featuring genres ranging from opera, alternative rock to country folk? Vincent Bernardy is the founder and organizer of SLO (San Luis Obispo) Tracks, a music showcase featuring local musicians (Jade Jackson, Heligoats), international artists (Rumer, Travis Warren, Eric Henderson, Reeve Carney) as well as first time performers. SLO Tracks is the evolution of Vincent’s former successful music venue, Sanitarium Music Nights. Looking for a new location that would accommodate a growing audience, SLO Tracks takes place in a refurbished and renovated barn on a ranch that sits among a sprawling winery. Vincent handled the renovations himself, which included converting an old Ernie Ball flatbed truck into a stage and repurposing old horse troughs into seating benches.

A musician as well as an artist himself, Vincent is no stranger to organizing and promoting music venues. In his hometown of Minneapolis, Vincent created and ran “The Black Hole”, a warehouse space that he transformed into a showcase of local punk and rock musicians. With musical roots growing out of the grunge punk movement of the 1980s and 1990s, he has performed alongside well known bands such as The Replacements, Husker Du and Soul Asylum.

These days, Vincent calls the Central Coast home, performing with his current band, St. Vincent Folk. A multiple New Times Music Award winner in 2013, Vincent’s music can be heard on radio stations KCPR and KCBX. His latest CD was released in the summer of 2013 and is titled “Moonlight Dream Bed” and features a duet with British recording artist, Rumer.

What does Vincent hope to achieve with SLO Tracks? “To enrich”, says Vincent, “and to inspire our community and people’s lives through the positive power of music.”

Follow SLO Tracks on Facebook: www.facebook.com/slo.tracks

Listen to St. Vincent Folk’s music: www.stvincentfolk.bandcamp.com

Check out Vincent’s paintings: www.stvincentfolk.com

Price: Varies from $10 per person and up

Food/Drinks: Appetizers are included with entry fee

Contact Info: stvincentfolk@gmail.com 

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