The Haumana

Translated into English, the Hawaiian word haumana means student.  For the film “The Haumana”, it means a student of hula.  After watching “The Haumana”, maybe your perception of what the hula is and what it takes to be a student of hula will be redefined.

In his directorial debut, Keo Woolford’s story centers around Jonny Kealoha (Tui Asau), who makes a living as the host of a kitschy tourist trap luau show in Waikiki.  Upon hearing his Auntie Margaret (Marlene Sai) is ill, he goes to her and she asks that he continue on as instructor for her group of male high school age hula students.  In a journey of self-redemption, we watch as Jonny takes on the role of a teacher of hula, as well as reconnect with his culture.

“I was taught that hula is life.”, says film maker Keo Woolford.  “As a hula dancer, an actor and now a film maker, I do my best to approach my work and life with the same attitude – that we are all students for life.”

This presentation of “The Haumana” will be shown for one evening only and is a fundraiser for the hula halau (school) Hoapili Pomaika’i Aloha, who are based in Santa Maria, California.

Special guest Keo Woolford will be attending the screening.

Where:  Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre, Cal Polytechnic University campus, San Luis Obispo, California

When:  January 16, 2014 at 7 p.m.

Tickets: $10 to $18 with discount for groups of 10 or more.  Tickets may be purchased online .

Are you interested in becoming a haumana of hula?  Contact Hoapili Pomaika’i Aloha!

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